Music Mind Games individual activities are used in group and private piano lessons. 

Music Mind Games is created by Michiko Yurko and is a method of teaching music theory and reading that uses four main components: 

1. An innovative teaching sequence 

2. A nurturing philosophy 

3. Friendly, colorful materials 

4. A large variety of creative games. 


The 300+ games in the Music Mind Games curriculum hold the 

attention of all ages of students. Students will learn to read music and develop skills necessary for understanding music theory. 

From The Philosophy of Music Mind Games, Teacher Cornerstones: 

1. Without assuming any prior knowledge, believe that every student is brilliant and can learn. 

2. Believe that joyous and satisfying learning is a natural part of life. 

3. Students remember best what they do for themselves. 

4. Happy and relaxed students will hardly realize they are learning because they are having so much fun. 

From Student Cornerstones: 

1. You are brilliant and can learn anything. 

2. Be brave, try new ideas and you will learn many wonderful things. 

3. Be enthusiastic and bright so your teacher knows you are learning. 

4. Can’t remember yet? No worries, just play a game again and again. 

5. Mistakes are a natural part of learning something new.