Private Piano Lessons

Private lessons are geared for each student's level of knowledge and skill, learning styles and musical preferences. All private lessons include 40 minutes of private instruction and 20 minutes of computer lab time.

Private instruction includes method books or selected repertoire, technique (scales, chords, hand shape), theory and Music Mind Games. Sightreading, improvising, harmonizing and composing may also be included.

The computer lab time is for listening to piano music (classical or jazz), keeping a Listening Journal, and reinforcing theory concepts we’ve learned in the private instruction. Using online computer games, students can play games at home, as well as at lesson.

Occasional group lessons are a part of the private lesson curriculum. This allows the students to meet others who play piano and gives them valuable performance experience that will help them feel more comfortable playing at home for friends or in a recital. 

All group lessons include 45-60 minutes of classroom instruction and musical activity. Curriculum is based on topics in old Piano Explorer magazines, current performance opportunities and Music Mind Games.

In private lessons, we also prepare for optional piano performances outside of the Studio—WMTA District Auditions, MMTA Festivals -- including Fall Festival, Improvisation or Composition Festival and Young Musical Stars at the Weill Center, WSMA Solo/Ensemble, and others. (Registration fees and additional rehearsals are extra).